Viva Lost Vegas

Viva Lost Vegas is at the beginning of its journey to one day becoming a larger scale museum experience that will cover the many people, professions, passions and stories of those who built this city in the sand.

The Bellman’s Story is the first installation in the Viva Lost Vegas exhibit series, and offers a peek into what the museum aims to achieve, and an exhibit that will continue to grow with content and character.

Should you or someone you know be part of the fabric of the fabulous Las Vegas, please reach out to angela@vivalostvegasmuseum.com.

What Happens in Vegas…is Me!


Angela was born in Las Vegas during the 1980s, at the end of its magical infancy, and has seen it transform through many growing pains to what it is now.

She had been thinking a lot about Old Vegas, realizing that between her visits west every year, much of what made Vegas, well, Vegas, was simply becoming a nostalgic feeling, slipping away.  And sadly, lost each year are more and more of people who were part of the Vegas that started it all. There had to be a way to slow down or pause time or at least save this moment before it would be too late.

Angela designed Viva Lost Vegas to capture this historical narrative and create an interactive experience that puts people back into that time — a time when you walked under a neon sign, when you passed through a gaudy entryway door to hear the clink of the coins hitting the metal underbelly of a slot machine, when legends-to-be graced the stages and headlined the strip, when magic truly was the light of Las Vegas.


Angela Perrone is an Experience Designer and Creative Technologist with a background in interactive technology, comedy, writing, and Japanese.  Her work focuses on developing experiences that bridge the physical and digital worlds. She specializes in creating immersive environments and bringing objects to life by utilizing skills in design, physical computing, projection mapping, fabrication and rapid prototyping.

In her free time she creates elaborate photo shoots of her poodles dressed as anything from celebrities (Amy Winehouse, Abe Lincoln, Mouseketeers) to ordinary people (fishermen, fire fighters, ring masters). Through her work she seeks to educate, entertain and improve the world one laugh and one experience at a time.

To see more of Angela’s work please visit http://www.angelaperrone.com.